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Pre-Open Studios rush

September 24, 2010

A brand new painting!

The count down has come down to the last crucial days to Open Studios. The final couple of weeks is always intense. There are still paintings to paint, then mat and frame (Do I have the right size frames/mat boards/glass? Do I need to order/buy more?), cards and prints to inventory and make/frame, choosing a painting to exhibit at the Preview Exhibit at the Art League, postcards to have printed/distributed/sent and an email version to go out… oh, and then there’s my glass bead jewelry (do I need to make more beads, and in what colors?) and designing an ad to submit to the Good Times (a first, this year.)  Finally, the logistics of cleaning my home/studio, hanging artwork, buying snacks…. and getting mentally prepared for hundreds of visitors!

But, when the house is ready, art is everywhere, inside and out in the garden, brownies are baked and signs are posted, the excitement begins. It is an exhilaration to meet people, friends old and new, to explain, again, my processes and inspirations. At the end of each day, I really feel as though I’ve completed a huge accomplishment!

my messy studio

So, I’ve included a pre-Open Studio photo of my studio- I don’t think it shows the true mess, since I’ve also spread my preparations throughout the house. And, for a treat, I’ve put together another painting progression. Hope you like it!

1. The very faint sketch done with a pastel pencil

2. Roughly blocking in the first colors

3. Smudging the first colors

4. Adding more color

5. Continuing to add colors, blending and adding some detail

6. Adding the blue- it's always a surprise!

7. The painting 'Stafford Lake' is complete

ps. This is the location of Stacy and Byron’s wedding, just last month.


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